Label material

Self-adhesive labels are used in an enormous number of applications. Equally diverse are the selections of different materials, coating (label surface) and the adhesives used.

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Polyester labels silver PET-S 01 EKS-Etiketten

Polyester labels

High-grade materials for labelling under load …hier erfahren Sie mehr »
Textile labels yellow tesa® 4660 GW-G X01 EKS-Etiketten

Textile labels

The textile labels of our product range are made of synthetic materials…hier erfahren Sie mehr »
Safety label based on safety film silver SF-S 01

Safety labels

In all situations where manipulation needs to be shown or even prevented …hier erfahren Sie mehr »
High temperature labels HTF-W 03 EKS-Etiketten

High temperature labels

In the high temperature range of several 100°C …hier erfahren Sie mehr »
Vinyl labels white PVC-W 01 EKS-Etiketten

PVC labels

The PVC labels, also known als vinyl labels, are very flexible and are characterized by …hier erfahren Sie mehr »
Polyethylene labels white PE-W 10 EKS-Etiketten

Polyethylene labels

The polyethylene labels are often used for mass labeling with normal material requirements …hier erfahren Sie mehr »
TAG labels/Hangtags TAG-W01 EKS-Etiketten

TAG labels

Our TAG labels more specifically hangtags …hier erfahren Sie mehr »
Paper labels white PA-W 01 EKS-Etiketten

Paper labels

Even if the paper labels belong to the mass-produced items …hier erfahren Sie mehr »